To help clients meet the demands of today and plan for tomorrow, we are offering following Analytics services:

 Big Data & Analytics

Our Business Analytics & Big Data practice will help you turn shapeless data into actionable insight.

Data has become ubiquitous with the exponential growth of emerging Big Data Offering technologies. Managing this growing volume of data every day is the latest challenge for enterprises wanting to harness it for business value. Big Data is more than a factor of size; it opens a world of opportunities to find new and valuable insights from the myriad data sources, generating data at varying speeds and types.

 Data Management

Streamlining Data Processes to Achieve Results.

Our Data Management services ensure reliable, clean and standardized information.

Data Governance: Reduce data complexity through a standardized and structured framework

Data Quality: Clean data downstream and minimize the problem of poor data

Data Migration: Accelerate the data migration process while ensuring clean data is loaded to the new system

Master Data Management: take control of your core business information and ensure it is accurate and trusted by your collaborators

Metadata Management: Ensure that business data is clearly understood and consistently used across your company

Data Optimization: Take full advantage of big data technologies to optimize the ratio between the value of data and its storage costs, while also gaining extended capabilities to handle complex data and providing users with a richer analytical experience

Data Masking: deploy data masking across the enterprise with this scalable solution that reduces costs and effort.

 Data Masking

Our metadata framework offers you a safe and highly cost-effective approach. Data masking is an invaluable method to transform production data for non-production purposes such as development and testing without any risk to privacy and security.

 Data Optimization

Big data technologies such as Apache Hadoop excel at managing large volumes of unstructured data. However, this data needs to be pulled together with structured data for analytical purposes.

As Big Data technologies and Apache Hadoop are coming into mainstream use, being able to integrate these new technologies with existing legacy Data Warehouse platforms to get the best of both worlds is key.

 Data Quality

Our Data Quality strategy cleans up the information within your database, helping you to understand the source of information inaccuracies. Decision-making based on accurate data can lead to:

  • Increased opportunities for your business thanks to precise identification information
  • Stable revenue because of correct lifecycle information
  • Decreased costs as a result of exact operational information
  • Improve data inventory processes
  • Ensure source system modifications through staff training
  • Enrich third-party data, including outbound calling campaign management
  • Profile data for better identification information
  • Cleanse technical data and archive dated information
  • Support information quality during data migration

 Data Warehousing

By leveraging the power and order of data warehousing and data management, you’ll gain quick access to the right information when and where you need it, enabling you to unlock new innovations and insights from existing data sources. Whether you want to improve data quality through data cleansing or migrate to a high-performance database, we leverage a best-in-class technology and an unparalleled implementation.

We build a business intelligence data federation strategy as well, A federated system is not only cost-effective; it enables companies to:

  • Address high-level management needs without imposing unnecessary constraints on business units
  • Reduce total cost of ownership based on adapted business intelligence systems, or group tools (portals, database, or extract transform load processes)
  • Increase business units' reactivity by focusing on adding value and improving operations

 Mobile Business Intelligence (MBI)

Our structured approach to Mobile BI enables executives and information consumers to analyze and dissect intelligence on the go from a smart phones or tablet device as easily and effectively as from an office computer. They can now make critical, informed decisions anytime and from anywhere.

 Mobile BI solution
  • Increased speed of delivery of business information
  • Enhanced business decisions by providing the data that executives need to make informed decisions at all times